How do I use a chatbot?

Have you heard about Chatbots a lot and have you not understood what they are and how do they work? Let me explain it to you in a simple way,…

How do you use a chatbot?

This guideline is intended to help systematically consider strategy, KPIs, competition and campaign planning for AdWords budgeting. Chatbots start at this point. Chatbots are small scripts that can conduct text-based…

How do you use chatfuel?

When it comes to digital communication, hardly anything has been discussed as often in recent months as interacting with bots. They are also becoming increasingly interesting for museums and cultural…

How to use Chatfuel

I haven’t had time to play with Chatfuel myself, but I found the example that My… The post How to use Chatfuel appeared first on Big News.

How is Chatfuel used?

Facebook is a powerful tool for online marketing thanks to its almost endless possibilities: a follower page, advertising with Facebook Ads, Instant Articles, and now Facebook Messenger with which you

How to recognize a chatbot?

Chatbot has become an essential tool for businesses wanting to improve and automate their customer service processes. Read time: 6 minutes While the implementation of online chatbot in companies saw

How do you recognize a chatbot?

WhatsApp chatbot instead of Facebook messenger chatbot? At first, chatbots were primarily on Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp chatbot is now on the rise worldwide and especially in Germany. You can find…

How do I set up a chatbot?

Thanks to advances in this technology, installing a chatbot Reading time: 4 minutes is a relatively simple process today. However, it is essential to take into account several keys to

How do you set up a WhatsApp chatbot?

WhatsApp offers exciting solutions for companies. WhatsApp differentiates according to “WhatsApp for Business” and “WhatsApp Business API”. While “WhatsApp for Business” is free and especially for small businesses, the enterprise…